In Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia where you sit for a big examination during your last year of high school, it is a wonder what the students do in their free time while waiting for the results to come out. They have to spend about four months before deciding if they want to work or further their studies after looking at their examination results. So, they have a lot of free time during those months since they have already finished their schooling. It has been a tradition that they spent their time working part-time jobs. Some of them do it for pocket money while some do it for fun. Whatever their intention is, the employers in these countries are used to receiving a big amount of high school leavers like them during the particular months of the year.

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So, what are the part-time jobs to consider after you finish your high school?

Fast Food Outlets

The most popular part-time jobs will be fast food outlet workers. Such outlets like McDonalds, Pizzahut and KFC are known to take part-timers due to their busy business. They need as many hands as they can because the fast food outlets are always overflowing with customer’s orders no matter for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Those who work here will feel tired and sore by the end of their shift due to the busy working hours. However, the perk of working at fast food outlets is that the payment is high compared to other part-time jobs. Thus, it might be worth it as you can enjoy the end of the month by spending some of your salary to go shopping or having fun.

Convenience Stores

Another place to consider is convenience stores. Convenience stores like 7Eleven and 99 Speedmart are widely visited by customers because of the cheap prices and 24-hour services. Thus, it is a good choice because you will learn how to manage the stocks and how to handle the cashier. It’s not that hard and you will receive a good pay at the end of the month. Plus, working the night shift is very relaxing because of the silent night time and lack of customers. You will feel relaxed because you are usually asleep at the time. The working experience is fun and you will gain experience too.

Online Jobs

Those who are skilled at technical things such as coding, designing or photography can post your works online and get paid for them. Although it is not as consistent as other part-time jobs, it suits those who are a homebody and do not like to go out communicating with people. If you are interested to learn about forex trading where you trade foreign currencies, you can even know more about this online and check out broker forex indonesia. This way, you can see what brokers do and perhaps it could inspire you to learn more about this during your free time.

Last Words

The mentioned jobs are only a small part of the part-time jobs you could consider if you just leave high school and have no idea what to do. Isn’t it better than doing nothing and sleeping all the time at home? You can even earn your own money and use it for your personal purposes without relying on your parents. It’s recommended that you try for a part-time job because it is fun and can avoid you from involving yourself in dangerous things like drugs or illegal racing.

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