Website Design 101: Selecting a Responsive Theme For Your Business

Use a touch-friendly navigation.

Lots of people are now browsing the internet using their mobile devices. This means they swipe across to browse for images, and tap on screens to open links. Make sure that your website supports many touch gestures.

Check the theme’s browser compatibility.


All of your web design functions and features should support all browsers. Browsers such as Safari, Firefox, UC Browser and Microsoft Edge use different technologies, so you see to it that your pages would function smoothly.

Pick a mobile-first theme design.

What is a mobile-first design? It is specific web design created to serve different mobile devices. Since more and more individuals are now using smartphones and mobile devices to surf the web, many developers are now designing pages in accordance to mobile device dimensions. This means crafting website elements to provide the best experience possible to mobile users. This is an essential if you’re a website design malaysia company.

View and test your theme in different screen sizes.

Mobile Devices

Before purchasing a WordPress template, it’s crucial to test it first. Is it really responsive? There is built-in tool in browsers that allows users to check a website’s responsiveness. You can view a page in different screen sizes, and check how it appears on tablet and smartphone screens.

Test the web page loading speed.

Do you know that a website’s page loading speed is already considered a ranking signal? This only means that Google already ranks websites based on their loading speed. The faster your loading speed is, the higher your position in the search results. Loading speed is one of the first things you should check before buying your theme.