Avoiding from becoming the victims of stem cell therapy fraud

The use of stem cells in medicine and treatments is still being studied even to this day. Although there are many theories about stem cells and their ability to heal just about any medical condition out there, it still requires further study and testing.

The problem with this is that it creates this confusion that stem cells can indeed, to this day, heal what ails people. And it is in this confusion that fraudulent doctors are taking advantage of people who just want to be rid of their worsening condition.

How Do You Protect Yourself from Stem Cell Therapy Fraud?

Take for example this gentleman who has suffered a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. He said that he wants to this clinic that offered him a stem cell treatment that aims to help him treat his COPD. Even though the procedure was expensive, he still went on with it because at that time, according to him, he had a really hard time breathing.

After a couple of weeks without any noticeable improvements, he went to the hospital and went for a consultation with his original physician. He told his doctor about the stem cell treatment and his doctor told him that although, in theory, stem cells can treat any disorder, it is still not proven to be effective. If anything, that procedure that was done to him may actually do more harm than good.

It’s in these situations where people need to remain somewhat skeptical, especially for a procedure which is still not deemed as safe and effective. Although the use of bone marrow transplants in treating various blood disorders like Leukemia has been widely documented to be successful, treating other conditions still require further testing.

Safety Measures

So how do you protect yourself from these shady practices or fraudulent therapies? Here are some tips:

  • Keep a Certain Level of Skepticism– Know that stem cell use in medicine and therapies is still not well documented. The only safe stem cell transplant to date is the bone marrow transplant. Other than that, they still require further testing.
  • It Usually Comes with a Lot of Hype and Requires You to Pay Exorbitant Fees – Unproven Stem Cell therapies are expensive and they usually come with a lot of hype. Some institutions might even post “studies” that are either incomplete or were just made purely out of fabrication. Be wary of these.

How Do You Protect Yourself from Stem Cell Therapy Fraud?

  • Always Ask Questions Anything that will be done to your body, you have to ask questions about it. For instance, ask if they have done a similar procedure before, what happened to that patient (if they have done it before), how much is the price, what are the exact steps, and also ask about the entire process as well.
  • Call the FDAThis institution helps people who have experienced medical malpractice, especially in terms of getting unproven stem cell therapies. In the event that you expect that the clinic you went to does some shady practices, you can freely contact the FDA and tell them about it.