If you want to succeed as a web designer, you need to know and understand the latest trends and best practices in the industry of web design company in Malaysia. This will help you meet and exceed the expectations of your clients. Below are 5 of the web design trends you should know for this coming 2019.

Vibrant, Bold, Gradients and Saturated Colors

Bold color and gradient choices will dominate web design this 2019. This is one the biggest trends you should expect as the new year approaches. Knocked-out, bold typography will surely make a positive, dramatic impact to web pages. Vibrant colors should come with the continuous improvement of our monitors and screens.

How can you achieve these color elements? Well, these can be accomplished through CSS, not images. The fewer photos you use, the faster the web page will load. Moreover, since large typography and color blocks are accomplished using codes, the better these elements respond on smartphones and other devices.


Animation, when used properly, can be a beneficial and powerful tool. SVG animations and page transitions can help viewers stay happy and engaged. Subtle animated logos are also a nice way to brighten your brand, and make your website more interactive.

Make your elements shake, bounce, transform and move. This will provide an amazing visual appeal. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t bog your website down. Moderation is the key to efficient results.

You just need to follow this rule of thumb: the frugal and smart use of low-weight animation can result to an amazing web experience.

Bottom Sticky Elements

Almost all website users are familiar of those sticky headers at the top of browser windows. These sticky elements give the user easy access to the website’s navigation, no matter how far they scroll on the website page. Mobile applications, on the other and, employ sticky footers as a general practice.

Videos and Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs (those animated GIFs on loop) and videos are no strangers to the digital landscape. They are often associated with better compressions, easy production, convenient process and faster networks.

Do you want to use videos as a background for your website? This strategy can be an effective way to stir visual interest, especially on static pages. You don’t need to worry about the bad impact on the loading time—there are various ways to minimize this.

Mobile First

Making your website mobile friendly should be your priority this 2019. Before adding more elements to your pages, you need to research first about many design trends.

One of the first steps towards a mobile-responsive layout is the implementation of a hamburger navigation. A hamburger menu looks like three horizontal lines showing, once the user taps it, the website’s navigation appears in a frame.

Web designers and mobile developers use this technique to save some visual real estate. Of course, the smaller the viewport, the lesser the physical space needed.  The best part of adding a hamburger menu? There is no need for the website designer to deal with limited spaces.