Just as the title says, every gambler should make sure he has strong self-control if he does not want to end up getting addicted. One might think that gambling addiction is not real, and it is just the product of these people who want to be hired as counsellors. But the thing is, gambling addiction is real. In fact, a lot of people are suffering from this problem and their respective families are suffering as well, including the kids. Yes, the kids who are innocent and cannot do anything but receive the blows.

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Are you a gambler or maybe you want to start checking out the best online casino Malaysia? That is fine as long as you will never get addicted. This is why you should check yourself first if you are prone to get addicted. Check out below if you have impulse control disorders:

  • Slight or no discipline at all

Do you find yourself easily swayed even if you know that what you are about to do is not a good thing? Even if you know that it can cause a negative impact on your loved ones, are you still tempted to try new things? Yes, if the answer is affirmative, then gambling might not be a good idea. 

  • Lack of determination to achieve goals

If you usually cannot achieve your goals, this is a sign of low self-control. It means that you have weak determination even if you know that your goal is quite important. Still, you end up not reaching it. 

  • Less motivation

You have less motivation. When this is the situation, you will surely end up easily giving up. You will be easily swayed to the negative side as well considering you have less motivation to do the right thing. Chances are you will also get addicted easily to gambling if you don’t watch out. 

  • Poor willpower

For you to be able to stop when your allotted money runs out, you must have strong willpower. Yes, it will not be easy to stop especially if you are losing. This definitely needs strong determination and if you don’t have that, I say you should not just start gambling. You might cause the failure of your kids. 

  • Hard time controlling your emotions

When you lose, you easily flare up and start blaming others. You are quick to judge others and you will really say that in their face. It is like you say what you feel without thinking about how it may affect others. You seem to have no control of your emotions like you let your heart lead you without considering any possibilities. 

So, do you have most of the mentioned traits above? If that is the situation, you should think twice before starting to gamble, even if it is online only. By far, aside from cigarettes I suppose, gambling is the most addictive activity. This is where you will find the big bosses. This is also where you find those who claim to have no money!