1. Data entry

Data entry is one of the best online jobs you can try. Basically, they pay you just to key in data into a database. Since the nature of the job is not very difficult, the pay is also a lot lower compared to other freelance jobs. If you’re studying on how to make money online in Malaysia, this will be one of the first things suggested.

2. Website Design

If you are good at designing website, you should utilize your talents to earn a decent amount of cash online. There is vast competition in the digital landscape, but with hard work and a good portfolio, you can succeed in this aspect.

3. Domain flipping

In Malaysia, domain flipping is one of the riskiest ways to earn money online. There are companies and individuals out there that makes money out there selling and buying domains. Basically, you can purchase domain names for $10 each.

4. Monetizing your blog

Some people blog for fun, and because they want to share their passion and interests to the world. Other individuals, on the other hand, blog because they want to monetize it. This is the opportunity to explore if you want to be a top earner online. So, how can create a profitable blog? Feel free to research about Google AdSense and Bidvertiser.

5. Set up your own online business.

It’s so easy nowadays to set up a business online. Do you want to sell cosmetic products, jewelry and clothes? Through an online platform, the overall cost of setting up the venture is low. You don’t need to buy or rent a shop. All you need is a Facebook page. Then, you can begin selling products.

6. Translation

Online translation services are needed all over the world. There really is a big earning potential for those who want to engage in this aspect, most especially in Malaysia. If you are multi-lingual, why not consider this earning venture?

7. Affiliate marketing

Are you looking for a top affiliate program in Malaysia? The affiliate marketing process involves good earning potential most especially for those who know how to make engaging content. This is a main income stream for bloggers who can effectively promote merchants’ products and services.