Music festivals are great because they always bring in a huge crowd and you can make the event as a promotional tool to help promote a particular product or brand.

However, because music festivals are grand in scale, there are so many things that can go awry and planners must make it a point to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

If you’re planning a music festival sometime in the future, then here are some mistakes that you’re probably making and ones that you should definitely avoid:

1. Not Having Enough Event Staff

As said earlier, music festivals are often large events and as an event coordinator, you will need to have a sufficient number of staffs to ensure that things go smoothly all throughout.

You have to start delegating the work because you cannot handle all of them. Some staffs that you need to have are the food and beverage staff which will handle all of the festival’s nourishment and drinks. You also need to have a cleaning team that will wipe off the tables and clean the garbage that people might leave behind.

The Parking staff is also important since the majority of the goers would be using their own mode of transport. And lastly, have a team on the ready to assist you in just about any aspect of the event.

2. Not Having a Wide Array of Food

Different people have different tastes and if you do not have a variety of foods to serve your customers, you’re going to have a sad event.

As much as possible, provide a lot of different food options spanning from hot meals to cold drinks. You could also offer some beer, however, you have to talk with the people who are in charge of the venue if it is okay to sell alcoholic beverages or not.

3. Not Having Protective Measures

Look, music festivals are usually conducted in an open area which means that people can get soaked in sweat and under the direct hit of the sun. What are your measures to protect people from heat strokes?

You could have dedicated water stations installed in strategic places in the venue. Place different signage to help guide festival goers where the water and other amenities are. Also, have a few medical teams that is ready to cater to the people who are in need of medical attention as well.

4. Not Having Enough Restrooms

Have you seen festivals like the popular Woodstock? If you’ve seen the sheer volume of people, you would know that having a handful of restrooms will not handle them all.

Therefore, it is up to you to install portalets (portable restrooms) at the venue so that you can cater to as many people at a time as possible.

5. Not Utilizing AV Equipment

The audio-visual equipment is definitely important when it comes to such events. Make sure that you use them and place them in strategic places. You want the music to be heard from as many people as possible, right?

As for the lighting, make it a point to help improve the stage presence of the bands and other performers.

6. Not Enough Security

You want to make sure that the event is going to be fun, but also safe for the festival goers as well.

Confer with the local authorities to help bolster your ranks. You can hire some muscle as well to act as bouncers so that there is some separation between the masses and the bands that are performing.