Smartphones have become an indispensable tool that people use it every day to better their lives. These phones make use of apps and it does not only do one thing. In fact, the application ecosystem has become so diverse that there is probably an app that meets specific demands.

That being said, an app developer would want to invest their time to focus on the Android platform since it has the biggest market share as of the time of writing.

If you want to know the best things you can do to develop an amazing app, here are some tips:

What is the Name?

One of the ways that you can make your app stand out is to come up with a unique name. Having a truly different name makes it easier to remember since you’re going to be the only one having that moniker.

However, becoming truly unique is a challenging endeavor. Whatever name you come up with, it is best to book your name in advance so that it will be reserved. To do this, contact Google and have them reserve a spot for you.

Research is Vital

Part of app development is to know what you want to create in the first place. And, a good place to start is by asking some people or by researching other similar apps on the Play Store.

Research is vital to native app development because it will tell you what you should do; what features to include and how can you best give that to the customers.

After the release of your application, keep an open line and let people comment and give feedback. Some of them might give suggestions that you might have overlooked before, after which, you can then safely implement them to make your application better.

Develop Something That is Compatible with All Devices

The Android ecosystem is diverse in the sense that most mobile phone companies offer phones that come with the operating system.

That being said, it also means that people might have different sized phones and they also come in different resolutions as well.

As much as possible, make your app compatible with all of the phones that are running the Android operating system. In doing so, it will vastly increase your chances for the app to become successful.

Don’t Forget Optimization

A good app means that it is properly optimized. This means that it loads fast, has great features, and it is also easy on the battery consumption as well.

Before releasing your app, be sure to run it through a strict testing process. This is so that it will be as bug-free as possible.

Avoid Fragmentation by Supporting Older Versions

There are plenty of Android versions that were already released, but some people still use phones that use the older platforms.

As much as possible, create an app that is compatible with the previous versions of Android so that a lot of people can still use it.


There are certain things that you can do to have a flawless Android app development. Always communicate to users and see what they want, optimize your app and continually test it for bugs and other quirks, measure your success by making use of different metrics and analytics, and continue to make use of the latest technology as well.