According to a study, an average Malaysian spends at least 3 hours per day on smartphones. Most of them are probably on their social media or playing mobile games developed for smartphones but do you know that you can be more productive by using smartphones? If you are in school or university, this article is going to help you out a lot and show you what you can get when you engage app development services and chances are there is probably one app in this article that you have never heard of and you are going to download it ASAP.


Noonlight of formerly known as SafeTrek is incredibly useful to you and it is life-changing. This app could probably save your life or your friend’s life especially girls. It works as a precautionary app and it was designed to keep you safe by monitoring your location especially if you feel you are in an unsafe situation.


It is like a mini and quick scanner in your pocket so you could save money on paper as well as going paperless for the paperless world future. Let’s say your friends don’t come to the class and they need to see your notes, so just take a picture of your notes and it will convert it into a document that looks like you scanned it.

Sleep Cycle.

Basically, this app tracks your sleep pattern; sounds and movements and it will show you in the morning your complete sleep cycle of that night whether you had a deep or light sleep. It also works as an alarm clock which is cool.

Pocket Points.

It was developed in 2014 and this app will give you points for not being on your phones during class. This app helps you to stay focus during class and the points you received can be used to get discounts or coupons at the local stores.


Headspace is a guided meditation app that helps in stress relief and to focus more as well as to help you get a better sleep. Just take about 10 minutes of your time, get comfortable by doing meditation and focus on yourself or things that have been bothering you. Sometimes, students deal with so many different pressures so this app helps a lot to distract yourself from the stressful environment.