Babies come out cute and clean.

Are you excited about your baby’s first bath? Many moms love shopping for cute bath accessories in Malaysia, and can’t wait for that milestone. Keep in mind that babies come out cute and clean, just like on movies. It’s normal for them to have some swelling and bruises. This is normal–they came out of the birth canal

The doctor you have been consulting for prenatal visits must deliver your baby. 

This would all depend on how the obstetrician’s practice is established. If your physician is the only one in that practice, then this might be true. However, if it he has a huge practice, then they can cover labor and delivery, delivering their patients’ babies.

Getting pregnant, and giving birth to a child is as quick and simple as it is in the movies. 

Normal labor usually takes several hours. In some cases, it takes several days. The more children you have, labor tends to be a lot shorter. For a first-tome mother, it’s perfectly normal to be in labor for around 20 hours. 

Epidurals will take away the pain. 

It’s true that epidurals may work wonders, but it wouldn’t make birth simple and painless. You may still feel pain from pressure and contractions. Moreover, while giving birth, it’s possible to experience more pain, and vaginal area burning. This is because your uterus and vagina are all composed of different nerves. 

All the pain would go away after the kid is delivered.

There are many things that can still cause pain right after giving birth. Take note of the following:

  1. Your uterus contracts down its size
  2. Repairing episiotomies or lacerations
  3. delivering placenta
  4. going to the restroom