Designing an ecommerce site might seem simple: Choosing a firm design, immediate navigation, high level of mobile responsiveness and it is just simply pleasing to the eyes. But creating a site with a reputable ecommerce design malaysia agency, you can get the best out of your buck. In creating a custom theme for you, you can simply hire a designer or you can just do it yourself through the selection on thousands of themes.

It would be a perfect ideas to look at other businesses and check out the elements that are works for them, before you jump into that part. With that in mind, let’s take a look at different industries specifically on their best ecommerce sites to allow you in having better inspiration and ideas that  you need (in terms of navigation and aesthetics) when creating your own.


MOO is highly recommended for anyone who are needing the new card for business. Their best quality site is the main element that attract me for the first time and the quality of their services and products is what kept me all around.

MOO’s navigation bar is simple and unique. Instead of having multiple drop-down menus, all of the products are listed under one option.

The included elements in their navigation bar are the option for “10+1 employees?”, Inspriration and FAQ’s. The way of the set up allows them on listing quickly their points on main selling, which isn’t how most ecommerce sites are.

Another awesome thing is that, even if you already had an account, they still have an amazing design for the home page as they could simply customize the messages on the header image with an addressed that had been offered to you, which makes it feel like the offer is just for you, even it is really isn’t. It’s special touches, that makes MOO as among the best ecommerce sites around.

The Cultured Cup

Want tea and coffee? Visit The Cultured Cup’s site which market that are mainly correlated to coffee and tea, and in the food and beverage industry, it is among the best sites for ecommerce .

A stunning home page, showing beautiful header of images with a slide bar along with some announcements and a navigation bar that is clean in taking the users on different types of products. You can simply the find information under the header, specifically on promoting their product usage, events and services.

A small pop up immediately displayed and asking if I wanted to see the products on Tea or Coffee every time I visited the site which really caught my attention.

Their branding “Taste the Adventure” works well with the messaging of “Choose your path” in the pop up, which also assist the users to keep scrolling the site before they simply get bored.


For those who aren’t familiar yet, DocuSign has one of the best ecommerce sites out there where allow the users in signing the documents electronically, and request signatures from other by requesting from them. They also do a perfect job in explaining their service quickly through a combination of excellent layout and smart copywriting.

The header has a concise and exact explanation on their product, with a immediate next to it that notify the users that there is a video that they can view in explaining the provided service in case they are still confused.

Beneath this is the reminder on how simple and easy DocuSign can make throughout the process. The simple design and witty copy together encourages users to “Get Started” calling them to action on every steps.


E-commerce site that specifically on fashion that goes for the feeling, and for the advertisement they use the photo of abstract outdoor on their Tees, is known as Legend-Tees. They have a beautiful home page and a clean navigation bar, showing that they’ve created their site for the branding and aesthetic, rather than  just outright promoting items.

The site design and layout is simple, and it’s simple in searching what you’re looking for – featuring some of their biggest selling items, custom tees and in promoting their Tee on the club of the month.

The subscription service is still part of the home page in gaining some attention but they advertise their other products first

Dollar Shave Club

By creating an extraordinary web presence and be among the best ecommerce sites, the Dollar Shave Club has built their business successfully.

The site utilizes videos that are entertaining where it features all the products in their shave kit for starter, which cycles through a starting point. They win over the customer’s trust easier by emphasizing that the starter kit is risk-free.

Knowing well that their site won’t work on mobile, they designed their mobile site to quickly explain the products that they have and then give the users the options to watch the underneath YouTube videos. This feature highlights the significance and the effectiveness of carefully considering the design of your site for traffic of mobile.

Good Start Packing

The site’s beautiful layout and outstanding designs for navigation that introduces buyers to their product – compostable containers for restaurants, while reducing any objections all at once. A number of their different products are featured at the home page each with emphasize the Call to Action (CTA) to “Shop Take-out Containers”

They have small tabs underneath the fold that shows different benefits of purchasing their products – like the movement of green, promoting Good Start Packing’s story and emphasizing the sustainability of their products. Just in case the users need more incentive.

They’ve also cleverly placed user reviews and testimonies at the bottom of their page if site owners still need to be won over.

Even with the use of professional themes you’ve purchased online, creating your own ecommerce site is a complicated and complex task.

You can benefit more in designing your business that simply optimized to your specific styles, needs and offers compared to hire a professional designer. Take a closer look on the examples specifically in your industry for more ideas that can use as an inspiration for your personal site.