As you reach the conclusion of high school, you’re probably bombarded with suggestions for what you should study next. Your family, friends, relatives and even neighbours will be very interested to know your plan for your future.

Choosing the proper subject to study in Malaysia after high school is one of the most significant decisions you can make in your life. If you are not prepared, this may be a confusing and unpleasant moment. Same goes for deciding what course you would like to take for a bachelor’s degree. There will be a lot to consider.

MBBS university in Malaysia

Here are some bachelor’s courses that you should know to help you narrow down your choices:

Mass Communication

Communication is the most important component of every company or sector. Learn how to communicate and connect successfully with everyone inside and outside the organization. Being in the mass communication field is not seen as successful for some people because they are not exposed to it.

If you want to be on the television, reporting for news or writing articles for magazines, mass communication is the right choice for you. You will get to improve your communication skills as well as socialising skills that not everyone has. It sometimes will get better the longer you work in this field.

Health Science

There are actually a lot of differences that you can see from health science and applied science. Health science is more about learning about human anatomy and medicine. In other ways, the healthcare industry. The Bachelor of Science in Health Science focuses on the information, abilities, and attitudes required to perform in today’s complex and ever-changing health care setting.

You will learn and apply it throughout your career. This course introduces students to the multidisciplinary knowledge required to promote individual well-being, contribute to disease prevention, and improve society health through a lot of theoretical learning and also hands-on practices. If you are planning to be a medical doctor or a surgeon, you can easily find the best MBBS university in Malaysia and explore it more.



Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer science is a computing field that focuses on the study of information processing and the development of computer programs. It includes creating code and employing sophisticated algorithms to construct computer software and models, solve computing issues, and develop new applications for technology.

Starting with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science is one of the wisest decisions you can make because no industry does not utilize digital technologies. You can then go on to specialize in nearly any other profession, such as engineering, statistics, art, or archaeology, all of which employ more visual models and software to analyze data.


Language is another subject of study where you can’t go wrong. And we’re not just talking about English, which has become a global lingua franca. Taking a bachelor’s degree in language will expose you to a lot of different languages such as France, Germany, Arabic language and Russian language.

Being in the language field actually offers you a lot of jobs that at the same time will give you the opportunity to travel across the world. You will also be able to work as a translator and that is the best investment that a person can do. Working as a foreign language translator will offer you a better salary as for some cases you will be paid hourly which is good.

After all, whatever degree you are taking does not determine who you are. Your motivation, attitude and personality does. Choose the right path for the excellence of your future.