1. Admit your gambling problem.

The very first step of the problem gambling recovery process is acknowledging the fact that there is something wrong. How can you find a solution to a problem you refuse to admit? It’s normal to be in denial. However, moving forward, you need to help yourself, and quit denying it.

2. Seek professional help.

According to health professionals, the standard treatment for problem gambling is CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy. In this process, the gambling addict and the therapist work one-on- one in order to take away destructive thoughts and behavior. It helps those with gambling addition to resist the urge to play casino games. Just like with drug addiction, gambling addicts can suffer from relapse.

3. Join a support group.

Aside from undergoing therapy, several gamblers seek the assistance of different self-help groups such as GA, or Gambler’s Anonymous. The GA is a 12-step program that utilizes several techniques, like having a sponsor. Even your spouse and other family members can join meetings in order to learn how to support you.

4. Execute regulatory mechanisms.

Even gamblers who currently don’t have problems are worrying that they might encounter issues in the future. What they do is that they set limits, and then try to stick to it. They put limits on how much they want to gamble. Just go to the casino with a limited amount of money. Don’t use your funds for rent, bills, mortgage and other expenses. Remember, there are tons of online casino games in Thailand, you wouldn’t want to lose your entire casino bankroll in a single gambling session.

5. Consider medication.

Individuals who are prone to gambling addiction often experience that “high” other people get when expecting to win cash. Distance yourself from this by getting more than just the support of your friends and loved ones. Look into getting appropriate medication.