All wedding planners who want to make a name for themselves should work very hard to establish and maintain their client base. Professional wedding event planners get repeated clients, so it’s crucial to consistently generate new leads. Good marketing is the key to acquiring new clients. Are you in need of new marketing ideas? Read on!

1. Develop Vendor Partnerships

A reliable wedding planner should know trusted vendors who are willing to hand out their cards to potential clients. This is probably one of the best marketing tactics you can get.

Your target vendor list? Make sure to include wedding locations, flower ships, bridal wear outlets and stationary stores. Make sure to develop good vendor relationships! Some of them might be willing to display your materials free of charge. However, if you want a better outcome, provide them with amazing incentives, coupon codes and referral fees.

2. Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

Let your potential clients know what you can bring to the table. Prove your experience and expertise by sharing it in various social media platforms. Creating and implementing an efficient content marketing strategy can take you places! If you are also interested in content writing, you can write articles for wedding planning websites. Sell yourself—pitch new love and wedding segments!

3. Differentiate Your Wedding Services

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. Aim high, and reach for your brightest dreams. Don’t aspire to be just a simple wedding planner. Ensure your success in the industry by having your own unique selling proposition or USP.

Schedule an entire day of USP research. This one whole day of research can make a difference in your career. Are you planning on focusing on niche wedding themes? Do you want to offer services in a particular demographic? Understand the needs of every demographic, and decide who you want to serve.

4. Work Backwards on Your Leads

To be able to market yourself well, you need to ask yourself first why couples choose to hire a wedding planner. Put yourself in their shoes, and look at all the choices yourself. Do you think your potential customers will read wedding planning articles? Turn to social media platforms such as Facebook, to help you get helpful and amazing insights as to why they hire a planner.

5. Develop a Side Business

Why not utilize an upselling strategy to market yourself more to potential clients? This is a strategy commonly utilized by retail shops and restaurants to convince customers to spend more. Creating your own interesting product line is a great idea, especially if you’re just starting out.

Exercise your creativity even more by making your own DIY party favors. Etsy will be a great platform for handmade table decorations, invitations and other handmade wedding favors. This is, in itself, a profitable venture. Nevertheless, you can also utilize it to introduce your wedding planning services.

Final reminders!

As a wedding planner who is just beginning to make her own name in the industry, you need to do a lot more than just winning the trust of potential customers. Marketing doesn’t necessarily mean spending hundreds of dollars in advertising. You can just promote your unique wedding services in platforms where potential clients are always searching.